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Benefits & Rewards

Trust & Responsibility

The two main principals our business is based on.  You need to be able to trust the person that you hand your keys to and be responsible enough to take great care of your dog.


Highly Trained Fleet of Dog Walkers

Unlike other dog walking businesses in town, our client base in very exclusive and small.  Every time your dog goes out for a walk/run it will be with a highly trained walker that is CPR/ Pet First Aid Certified. 


Becoming Part of Our Family

From the time we step into your home to pick up your dog, your dog is now our dog.  We don't care more about anything in the entire universe than family.


Small Customer Base

This gives us more time to concentrate on your dog to build a bond between us.


Daily Report Card

Know what your dog was up to that day.  If he went to the bathroom, felt sick, was extremely happy, etc.


Daily Time Slot

Every day our walkers go in the same order on a specific route.  Your dog will get used to walking/running at around the same time every day.


Free Walks

For every referral, that becomes a new customer, your dog will receive a free walk.

Your dog will earn their membership by being well behaved and his/her owner making on time payments continuously for 3 months.




Trial Membership Period

  • First three months

  • Making on time payments and your dog is well behaved with minimal cancellations


3 Months

  • Club Member

  • Your dog will receive their very own H.D.W.C membership doggie tag

1 Year

  • Silver Member

  • Your dog will receive $10 off any one pet sitting service on anniversary year


2 Years

  • Gold Member

  • Your dog will receive $10 off any two pet sitting service on anniversary year


3 Years

  • Platinum Member

  • Your dog will receive $10 off any three pet sitting service on anniversary year



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